Fueling Growth With New Warehouse

Success Story: Nishikawa Cooper


To accommodate heavy growth, Nishikawa Cooper needed to build a new warehouse at their Topeka, Indiana location. Although the company traditionally had not used leasing, they turned to First American to fund the construction of the warehouse. Learn how Nishikawa applied this lease-financing strategy to many other aspects of their business, including managing their leased assets through our could-based asset management system.

"First American is quite comfortable for me and I'm quite confident in that relationship.
I feel like I'm getting more than just a lease."

John Heim
Vice President of Finance
Nishikawa Cooper

"One of the big advantages in my opinion is CustomerConnectTM... It's a great tool you can use to start tracking and managing your assets."

Dan Umbower
IT Director
Nishikawa Cooper

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