Expanding Into a New Showroom

Success Story: Duralee Fabrics


The ability to showcase your product is critically important in the interior design industry. Having outgrown their current space, Duralee Fabrics was looking to vastly grow their showroom in a new marquee location in New York City. A facility expansion is by no means simple. Working together with Duralee, First American provided a straightforward, innovative financing solution to help build the showroom that reflects their brand image.


"We've waited years for this space. This is a long range investment so if I could spread the payments out, it makes our cash flow a lot better. The relationship that we have... has created a loyalty from my company - We're partners forever."

William Fuchs
CFO, Duralee Fabrics

"The showroom has become a living magazine page. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to be doubling our square footage and going to a brand new premier-class showroom."

Terri Galiani
Showroom Design, Duralee Fabrics

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