​Webinar Replay: Implementation of the New Lease Accounting Changes

Part of First American's Future of Manufacturing Webinar Series


The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has issued an Accounting Standards Update (ASU) on lease accounting. This ASU affects all companies that lease assets and can significantly change the way companies account for leasing arrangements. The new guidance is intended to increase transparency in lease accounting by requiring organizations to report most long-term lease liabilities on the balance sheet. In this webinar, learn about the financial reporting changes, impacts on covenants, and the timing and implementation of the new updates. In addition, hear how manufacturers are using leasing to fund growth.

What You Will Learn:

  • What the new standard is and why it was issued
  • Changes to financial reporting and the impact on financial statements
  • Timing of implementation, effective dates, and transition considerations
  • Other considerations with bank covenants, systems, and processes
  • The importance of leasing and how organizations are using leasing to fund growth

Kelly Thompson, CPA
The Bonadio Group


John Salter
Vice President
First American Manufacturing Finance


​Webinar Replay: Factory of the Future

Part of First American's Future of Manufacturing Webinar Series


Manufacturers who have investigated the principles behind a smart factory realize this is an opportunity to significantly increase their revenues while at the same time slashing their operational costs. Whether you are simply trying to better understand the “Digital Transformation” and how it might improve your operations, or you are on the forefront of Industry 4.0, it’s important that you understand what factors to consider when evaluating the path forward.

In this webinar, EOS North America and First American Manufacturing Finance will share their insights on where the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry is headed and how manufacturers can acquire new technologies to get there faster.

What You Will Learn About:

  • Digital manufacturing processes that are shaping the AM industry
  • Challenges and best practices for acquiring the equipment and software of the Factory of the Future
  • Actionable lessons from companies already leveraging elements of Industry 4.0

Dr. Greg Hayes
Director, Additive Minds
EOS North America


David Neighbour, CLFP
Senior Vice President
First American Manufacturing Finance